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Benefits of Choosing a Neuromuscular Dentist

Do you suffer from recurring headaches? Many people have misaligned jaw joints and do not realize it. If you have chronic headaches, you may have visited a doctor and received medication and may even have visited a series of doctors as each medication fails to solve the problem. Perhaps your headaches have a dental cause.

Obtain Pain Relief

Headaches are just one symptom of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD) and perhaps you have other painful symptoms that you have not connected to the headaches. Please see our page on TMD/TMJ Symptoms for more details. TMJ is misalignment in one or both jaw joints and involves chronic muscle strain in the face. There is usually misalignment in the teeth as well.

Since there are three very large nerves branching throughout the face, head, neck and shoulder areas, TMD symptoms are diverse and can be puzzling to someone who has never visited a neuromuscular dentist.

If the cause of your headaches and other recurrent pain is dental, a neuromuscular dentist can diagnose it and can design custom TMD treatments to relieve you of that pain permanently.

Correct Your Bite

Each time we open and close our mouths to talk, laugh, eat, yawn and so on, we are working the jaw joint - the temporomandibular joint - and using our bite. The bite is a three-point mechanism between the chin and the jaw joints on each side and includes the jaw muscles, nerves, and blood vessels as well as the teeth and gums.

A typical general dentist is unaware of the bite. That seems surprising, since our teeth are ranged all along the upper and lower jaws and come together a thousand times every day. Certainly, when you have a filling done by a general dentist, he or she will check that it has a smooth surface in line with the neighboring teeth, and that it will not bump against the opposing tooth. But that is a local view, a narrow view assessing one tooth and its immediate neighbors.

The Panoramic View of Neuromuscular Dentistry

When a neuromuscular dentist gives you a white filling or a dental crown, he does so in the context of your bite. He will assess how your lower jaw moves and will look at your total teeth alignment. If he sees misalignment, he will tell you. With Dr. Quigless, you can ask questions and discuss the issue and you may choose to have it examined further, or you may not.

While it is essential to care for each separate tooth and for the gums, it is equally important in the long run to care for the whole bite. For more on this, please see How Jaw Joint Misalignment Affects the Head, Face and Body.

Even if you do not have any further examination of your bite, Dr. Quigless will create your dental restorations so as to minimize your bite misalignment and maximize your comfort.

To learn more about any upper body pain you are chronically suffering from, and how it might be diagnosed and treated by neuromuscular dentist Dr. Quigless, please contact our St. Louis, Missouri office today. We will be happy to schedule a personal consultation for you.

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