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Dental Bonding

St. Louis Tooth Bonding

Tooth or dental bonding covers flaws and protects your teeth using a white composite resin. It is a pliable substance which hardens into a sturdy restoration and blends well with your natural tooth enamel. The shape and color of your teeth can be improved, and damage can be repaired all in one procedure. That is because the substance called tooth bonding is the same as the white composite used for filling cavities.

Dental bonding has many applications including:

  • Filling small gaps between your teeth
  • Covering discoloration and stains that are resistant to whitening
  • Reshaping teeth
  • Lengthening teeth which are too short or broken
  • Filling small cracks and fractures
  • Repairing chips
  • Covering tooth erosion to eliminate sensitivity and pain, and protect your teeth from future damage

How it works
Cosmetic dentist Dr. Quigless starts out with a composite resin paste which is color matched to your teeth. He slightly roughens the surface of the tooth to help the bonding adhere more strongly, and then applies the paste in layers. When he has sculpted it to the desired shape he then hardens it with a curing light. He will check your bite and if any fine-tuning is needed, he will make those subtle changes until both you and he are satisfied.

Tooth bonding can be used to correct the appearance of one tooth or several teeth, and to repair several problems in one treatment. Normally only one office visit is required. Dental bonding can be used alone or as a part of a complete Smile Makeover.

Tooth bonding produces beautiful results, and can be used in some cases where porcelain veneers are not an option. It requires less of your existing tooth for support. We can replace up to half of a missing tooth with bonding.

However, bonding does require more care and maintenance than porcelain, and is less resistant to staining. Regular professional cleaning, good dental hygiene at home, and good eating habits will help keep your bonding beautiful for many years to come. Dr. Quigless can touch it up if any staining develops, or if it becomes damaged.

If you are unsure whether you would benefit more from porcelain veneers or bonding, please email our office today to set up your free tooth bonding consultation. Dr. Quigless will look at your teeth, evaluate the situation, and help you determine which procedure will best serve your needs. To learn more about tooth bonding, please read our page on dental bonding Questions.

(314) 244-3751
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