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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Technology

St. Louis, Missouri Cosmetic Dentistry

No modern cosmetic dentist can offer a full array of procedures without specialized technology. Dentistry has changed enormously over the past few decades, and we have invested in many up-to-date items of equipment which give you many benefits.

  • CEREC technology – this is a system for making porcelain dental restorations. Instead of having to send out to a dental laboratory for your crowns and porcelain fillings, we can make them right here. This saves you from having to come back for a second visit, and wear temporaries in between visits for several weeks. The system uses infrared photography and is pixel-precise. Your crowns, inlays and onlays will be outstanding!
  • Digital intraoral cameras – these are connected to the chairside computer, so that you and Dr. Quigless can look at the same images, clear and large, and Dr. Quigless can more easily explain what he is doing for you. They can also create your own Before and After photos.
  • DIAGNOdent – This is a diagnostic system using a laser diode to locate decay very early. It requires no X-rays and gives you no pain. For each area of decay it detects, it provides a score, so that we can decide whether to go ahead with a filling, apply a sealant, or just keep an eye on the location.
  • Soft tissue laser – Our CO2 laser can vaporize unwanted gum tissue painlessly with its delicate infrared beam. There is no bleeding because it seals the tissue as it works. There is also no need for antibiotics as it sterilizes each location of tissue removal. It has the remarkable ability to push surface nerves inward, so that you will feel no pain. No stitches are required and there will be no scarring, because no tissue is cut.
  • Digital X-rays – This way of obtaining X-ray images vastly reduces your exposure to the X-ray energy. The images can be viewed on the chairside computer monitor, and Dr. Quigless can point out areas of interest, and explain what he thinks could be done.
  • TENS unit – This small, battery-operated unit is invaluable in TMD diagnosis and treatment. It has a number of wires with electrodes, which we can attach to certain locations on the head, face, neck and shoulders. Then while you doze off in one of our comfortable chairs, the unit will deliver mild electrical stimulation to the muscles in those locations. After 30 to 40 minutes, those muscles will be entirely relaxed, perhaps for the first time in many years. This relaxes your jaw and tells us where its correct position is.
  • K7 Evaluations System – This versatile and complex system is central in diagnosing TMD. It does three essential things: (a) it tracks your jaw movements in three dimensions and records them; (b) it records all electrical activity in the jaw muscles; and (c) it records all jaw joint sounds. This gives Dr. Quigless the data to diagnose TMD, and a basis for forming your treatment plan.
  • Casey Patient Education System – This multimedia, interactive system explains how each dental procedure is performed and what it is designed to accomplish
  • Chairside Flat Panel Monitors – This amenity allows you to see the same images that Dr. Quigless is studying, such as digital X-rays and images from the intraoral camera.
  • Invisalign – This is an effective and convenient alternative to traditional braces. It uses clear, removable aligners, avoiding any metal in the mouth.
  • Vizalite – Oral Cancer Screening

This sort of cosmetic dentistry technology makes your dental work faster, easier, more efficient, more attractive, and virtually painless. If you would like to know more about how this can happen in your own case, please feel free to call our cosmetic dentistry office. We will be happy to arrange a free personal cosmetic dentistry consultation for you with Dr. Quigless.

(314) 244-3751
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Dr. Kirk Quigless, St. Louis Cosmetic Dentist

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