DEXIS CariVu™ Caries Detection Device

What is DEXIS CariVu?

We’re all used to getting dental x-rays during a dental exam. It might involve some exposure to radiation, but how else will those cavities be detected? Well, thanks to DEXIS CariVu, there is now a non-invasive way to check for tooth decay without any exposure to ionizing radiation at all!

How Does CariVu Work?

CariVu is a portable device that detects any cracks and lesions resulting from decay by bathing the tooth in safe light near the infrared spectrum. Tooth enamel appears translucent in the images it takes, but decay shows up as dark patches. This happens because decayed areas are porous, so they absorb more of the light.

Let Brentwood Family Dental Center Take A Look At Those Teeth!

If you’ve had reservations about getting a dental exam because you were worried about radiation exposure from x-rays, you can leave those worries in the past! Give us a call at (314) 441-7617 or send us an email to learn more about our CariVu device and how it can help you defeat tooth decay!